Monday, February 27, 2012

What Is Wrong With You, Carl? (Issues Paper)

Here are some topics I came up with!

1. Emphasis on a color-blind (not literally color-blind!) society is NOT an answer to racism

  • Is racism a non-existent, irrelevant problem of the past? 
  • Are programs such as affirmative action and multiculturalism based on racist principles? 
2. Should schools in the United States adopt bilingualism? 
  • How will school's becoming bilingual affect students, whether they be native English speakers or not? 
  • Is complete immersion in English the best way to teach non English speakers, English? 
3. Are immigrants a drain on the economy, and how should we address the immigration problem?
  • Do immigrants really take American jobs, drive down wages, and not pay taxes? 
  • How do we as a country benefit from immigrants? 

Now here's the hilarious video that goes along with my post title:) Yes, it's extremely dumb but I think it's pretty funny. 

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