Friday, April 6, 2012

Issues Paper Reflection

Praise to the's finally over. Alright, I'm being dramatic. But really...writing that paper kinda sucked. It's not that it was a horrible assignment or anything...It's just writing 8-9 pages about something is a lot harder than you would think. Plus I'm a REALLY good procrastinator (or should I say bad procrastinator?) naturally I waited until a few days before the paper was due to really get serious about it. I liked my topic and everything but after about 500 words I got sick of talking and reading about violent video games. The peer editing was pretty helpful though. I didn't end up going to the writing center this time...I probably should have though... Well anywho...I'm just glad that's outta the way. 

Oh and here's the trailer for the new movie The Amazing Spiderman...idk why but I'm kinda excited to see it this summer.