Saturday, January 7, 2012

Stormin' My Brain

My first assignment for Writing 150 (Opinion Editorial) is, of course, VERY vague and completely up to me to come up with a let me just bounce some ideas around...

1. Mormons (and especially R.M.'s) should NOT get married so quickly.

  • Divorce rate in the church is almost the same as the National divorce rate
  • The younger you are, the less you "know" yourself, and the less you've become the person you want to be

2. Rap and Hip-Hop are musical trash

  • The lyrics....enough said
  • The skills of almost any Hip-Hop/Rap artist are limited to rapping, and semi-descent singing (or are we just confused by the excessive use of auto-tune?)

3. Writing missionaries for girls at BYU is addicting and slightly unhealthy

4. Being a devout sports fan is actually beneficial to your health

  • Putting faith (and many times money) in something that you literally have no control over is healthy

5. Leggings ARE NOT pants

  • Even at BYU, girls try substituting leggings for pants.....WHY
  • Whoever started this trend deserves a smack

6. Why do all Mormons seem to have the same overly obsessive personality trait...? This is a legitimate question that I would like to find an answer for...

  • Twilight, Harry Potter, etc...

7. Utah really isn't that great (Sorry to anyone who lives in Utah!)

  • It's a bubble
  • Yes, the outdoors here are pretty, but not as pretty when compared to many of the places I've been to... (or lived in)
  • There's so many freaking billboards....
  • Construction.....ALL THE TIME



  1. Number 2 is so true! I mean I do admit I like certain Hip-Hop songs put out, but I wouldn't say they have a whole lot of musical talent when it comes to actually performing any of their songs. It all comes down to auto-tune and pre-recorded tracks which they sing over during concerts. I respect the fact they made it, but as far as ability for musicians goes they're on the low end.

  2. You have a lot of great ideas, I'm impressed! It's always so hard for me to think of things to write about! I'd love to hear more about #4 though! I've never really heard of that before and I think it would make a really interesting and original topic for you to write about, if you haven't already decided what to talk about yet!

  3. I could not agree MORE on how Mormons and especially RM's should not get married so quickly. Sorry, but you do not know some after 2 months of dating.

  4. I think a lot of hip-hop artists could use some vocal lessons as well, but we all know we like those songs because of the background music. Most people like those songs because they can dance to them, not because the lyrics and vocals are so great.

  5. hahahahhahaha. Laughed my guts out at you're statement "Utah really isn't all that great." Im personally from Utah, and couldn't agree more. Therefore, I don't take an offense. Also, the construction... it is madness. How about you and I right a FAT letter to UDOT and let them know their construction plans suck.