Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Issues Paper Formula

  • Briefing of issue
  • Statement of side
  • What/How video games affect kids
  • Thesis statement
  • Background of video game industry
  • History of violence in video games
  • Ratings systems
Body Paragraphs-
  • Reasoning
  • Arguments/Counter Arguments
Pathetic Part-
  • School shootings
  • Examples of violence
  • Appeal to emotions 
  • Call to action 
So I watched Dear John for like the 15th time a few days ago... (I could literally watch it every day and be content) and this is one of the songs in it and is currently my music obsession :) 


  1. I like the way your paper is laid out! Hey in Dear John doesn't the girl end up marrying an old man or something like that? I've never seen it but that's what I've heard..

  2. I've never seen Dear John. But anyways your paper sounds good, good luck with it.

  3. Love the song, and haven't watched the movie in quite awhile, definitely should re-watch that one of these days! Thanks for the idea, haha!

  4. Interesting thing to note is that in Germany there are more school shootings than the US. Coincidentally, virtual shooting is against the law (such as laser tag etc.).

    1. Innntterrressstinngg. I've never heard that before. Laser Tag? Go figure.

  5. I like the bullet point method. You seem to know exactly what your going to say. Also, I've never seen Dear John and probably never will. Sorry.

  6. I've never seen Dear John and like Ruskin, I don't really think I'm ever going to....but cool! I'm basically just trying to come up with something to say to get my five comments in....haha

  7. I love this movie and this song! Good choice!

  8. Hahah 15 times? That incredibly impressive. Channing Tatum. So hot.